Welcome to Marina Saker Jewellery! My jewellery is all hand made by me in my studio in Applecross, Western Australia. I use sterling silver, 9kt gold and semi precious gemstones. Most of my designs can be adapted to your personal taste and I am happy to work with you to get your perfect size and design.

I was born in Zimbabwe raised in Cyprus lived in Paris for six years and 12 years ago found myself in sunny Perth. My love of jewellery first started as a teenager in Cyprus where I made jewellery with clay and beads, selling to a local craft store for pocket money. I loved it but gave it up when I needed a 'real' job to pay the mortgage.

After my husband and I blended our family of five kids together I decided to take a break from working in the corporate world to stay home with the family. With a bit more time on my hands whilst the kids were at school I decided to pursue my passion of jewellery design and making and took various silversmithing classes with some inspiring tutors. In May 2017 I decided to turn my hobby of jewellery making into a little business and have loved every minute of it! 

I'm truly grateful for your support and the opportunity of sharing my passion of jewellery with you.

Marina x